Agreement between Cibervoluntarios and IDDLAC seeks to promote the development of digital capacities and citizen empowerment.

With this Memorandum of Understanding, both organizations wish to generate dynamics that contribute to improving cooperation for development, since their mission is to promote the progress and growth of the digital ecosystem through capacity building and empowering citizens, with special attention to more vulnerable groups.

Monday 7th March, 2022. Fundación Cibervoluntarios and the Institute of Digital Development for Latin America and the Caribbean(IDDLAC) have committed to work together, to promote inter-institutional collaboration in order to develop projects, programs and capacity building plans, training and contents, “that support digital literacy and the empowerment of citizens, with special attention to the most vulnerable social groups, through the knowledge and use of technological tools, as well as the promotion of the importance of technological volunteering for its implementation ”, says the agreement.



The President of  Fundación Cibervoluntarios, Yolanda Rueda, mentioned in this regard that: “For Cibervoluntarios, this alliance is strategic at an international level. Both organizations agree on the need to promote a joint framework for the development of a digital ecosystem with social impact in the region, which contributes to fighting the digital divide, generating economic growth, fostering digital talent and, of course, technological volunteering. in order to guarantee support for all people, especially those in a situation of greater digital vulnerability”.


The collaboration between both entities aims to strengthen the  Latin American and  Caribbean digital ecosystem through digital literacy plans and awareness actions such as conferences, seminars and workshops, and the exchange of information, among others.


On the other hand,  IDDLAC Director, Andrés Sastre, stated: “We are very happy to collaborate actively with a team such as Cibervolunteers, who have come so far in terms of literacy and development of ICT skills, in addition to their proven professionalism and leadership. One of the fundamental pillars of IDD LAC consists in the creation of capacities and the promotion of alliances and coordination of actions between different actors of the digital ecosystem, for which we consider this agreement to be very positive and, without a doubt, will result in reaching both entities` goals.



Next Thursday 10th March, a new IDD Talk will be out in IDDLAC’s youtube channel. It will address the issues of digital appropriation and technological volunteering, and also the work of Fundación Cibervoluntarios.