Elections in Honduras Analysis of the digital proposals of the government programs of the 3 main presidential candidacies.

The electoral analysis space created by the Institute of Digital Development Institute for Latin America and the Caribbean (IDD LAC) focuses on the Central American country.

Thursday 25th  November, 2021. A new electoral analysis was published by IDD LAC within the framework of the presidential elections in Honduras, which will take place this Sunday, 28th November.


In this context, it was prepared a document with the analysis of the digital aspects of the governmental program of the three main candidates: Partido Libre, Partido Liberal de Honduras y Partido Nacional de Honduras, which may be found Here. (in Spanish)

IDD LAC Directors, Andrés Piazza and Andrés Sastre, made a video in which they comment the content of the above mentioned document, with an additional analysis and contextual observations.

the video, is available here: