#IDDTalk: Paper “Is Your Netflix a Substitute for Your Telefunken?”

We spoke with the authors of the academic paper “Is Your Netflix a Substitute for Your Telefunken? Evidence on the Dynamics of Traditional Pay TV and OTT in Latin America” on the findings and recommendations that came out from the research,  in a new chapter of #IDDTalks, a space created by IDDLAC that addresses  topics that help to understand and improve the Digital Ecosystem.

Tuesday, May 31, 2022.  A new episode of #IDDTalks, the space created by the Institue of Digital Development for Latin America and the Caribbean, to promote topics related to the Digital Ecosystem.


On this new episode, the IDD LAC team, led by Andrés Piazza and Andrés Sastre, received the PhDs. in Economics Juan Jung and Ángel Melguizo, authors of the Academic paper entitled “Is your Netflix a substitute for your Telefunken? Evidence on the dynamics of traditional pay TV and OTT in Latin America”.


It is a data analysis investigation that covers 17 Latin American countries between 2011 and 2020 and reaches certain analysis that are exhibited during the talk, whose objective was focused on learning about the results of this investigation and the recommendations that came out from it.


When the topic of the Academic Paper was raised, the authors believed that there are many perceptions, intuition, but little evidence around the question of whether there is competition between Pay TV and Streaming, and to what extent there is. “Answering the question of whether these more traditional channels (satellite and cable) and the streaming market are competing, is important economically and for those who are in the sphere of regulation, since to the extent that they are similar relevant markets, perhaps we should move towards similar regulation framework for both so that there is good competition”, they explain during the talk. There is still little evidence in the world (mostly from the United States, so it is not easy to extrapolate) that answers this and other questions that the authors have raised, so this Academic Paper is a start that could raise other lines of investigation.


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