#IDDtalks: “Digital development should be a central objective of public policy in the region”

A new edition of #IDDTalks has already been published, and it continues to summon outstanding referents of the Digital Ecosystem. This time, it was Raúl Echeverría, Executive Director of ALAI, who sat at the table to chat with Andrés Piazza and Andrés Sastre (IDD LAC), and shared his vision regarding the perspectives of development and digitization in Latin America.

This video is available in Spanish

Thursday 2nd September 2021. There is an agreement, a consensus, on the fact that there is no opportunity for social, human, economic development for the region without digital development. “Today development depends on how well we use the digital tools that we have available, and those that we can generate, to improve productivity, individual work, recreation, educational and artistic activities, among others. So digital development is a central component and should also be a central objective of public policy. And here is the first obstacle: in the region we are not being consistent with that primary objective. ” expressed Raúl Echeberría, the guest expert for the last chapter of the IDD Talks cycle, which focused on Digitalization Perspectives for Latin America. Echeberría is a referent in the regional and global ICT sector, and is currently the Executive Director of ALAI, the Latin American Internet Association.

During the talk, the two Directors of the Institute for Digital Development of Latin America and the Caribbean, Andrés Piazza and Andrés Sastre, spoke about rights and wrongs when establishing Digital Development as a priority within the  Political Agendas at the level of each country and also at the regional level. It was also discussed how the creation of public policies should be approached to make them more effective in the growth and development of the ICT ecosystem.

The conversation was recorded, and it is available (in Spanish) below: