#IDDtalks on President Guillermo Lasso’s campaign proposal and Ecuador’s digital environment

In line with its interest in creating valuable content, IDD-LAC is holding a set of informal talks around various current topics. In this case, it issued an analysis of the current President Guillermo Lasso’s campaign proposals, the actual context of Ecuador, and the prospects for the 2021-2025 period.

This video is available in Spanish

Friday 25th June 2021. The Institute of Digital Development for Latin America and the Caribbean has been closely following the electoral processes taking place in the region. In this context, following the electoral result of the Ballot on April 11, 2021, in Ecuador, IDD LAC made a report (available in Spanish) based on the analysis of the campaign proposals of the elected president Guillermo Lasso.


In this line, IDDLAC issued a youtube video in which its directors Andrés Piazza and Andrés Sastre, based on the aforementioned electoral report, talk about the proposals, the current context, and what challenges Ecuador will have to face in digital matters, during the mandate of the current president, Guillermo Lasso (2021-2025).


The Report of the campaign proposals of the CREO political party, to which the current President Guillermo Lasso belongs, is available here


The video of this #IDDtalk