#IDDTalks: “Proposals and perspectives for digital development in the new Peruvian government”

This new #IDDTalks edition, turns its attention back to Peru to analyze from a new perspective, the proposals in terms of digital development of the new government.

This video is available in Spanish

Thursday 28th October 2021. A new edition of #IDDTalks has already been published. On this occasion, Modesto Montoya, science and technology advisor to the new government and Ronald Barrientos, SmartKipu Consultant, sat at the table to chat with Andrés Piazza and Andrés Sastre (IDD LAC), to present and share their vision regarding the current status of the Peruvian digital ecosystem, development prospects and what are the challenges to be tackled by the new government in this matter.


On the last 28th July, a new government was settled in Peru, headed by school teacher, Pedro Castillo, after a close electoral dispute. During this informal talk, the guests presented their  priority proposals for the new government in terms of telecommunications, digitization of the economy, digital literacy and what is the current state of the Peruvian digital ecosystem, in their opinion. The closing of digital gaps, the incorporation of production processes, the role of the broadband backbone, and which formulas are the most appropriate for closing gaps, were the topics that focused a wide and rich debate.

The conversation was recorded, and it is available (in Spanish) below: