#IDDTalks: “The Digital Future of Costa Rica”

In a new chapter of #IDDTalks, a space created by IDDLAC to talk about issues that help understand and improve the development of the Digital Ecosystem, we talk about the digital future of Costa Rica after the presidential elections whose outcome resulted in the candidate of the Partido Progreso Social Democratico, Rodrigo Chávez, as the new president of the Ticos for the period 2022-2026.

Thursday 23rd june 2022.A new episode of #IDDTalks, the space created by the Institue of Digital Development for Latin America and the Caribbean, to promote topics related to the Digital Ecosystem.

On this new episode, the IDD LAC team, led by Andrés Piazza and Andrés Sastre, received three recognized Costa Rican experts, Maryleana Méndez, Allan Ruíz and Daniel Rodríguez Maffioli, to talk about the digital future of Costa Rica.


On May 8, the candidate for the Social Democratic Progress Party, Rodrigo Chaves, took office as president of Costa Rica. A relatively new candidate in the political arena, whose profile and campaign proposals were analyzed by the OETIC, the ICT Electoral Observatory for Latin America and the Caribbean of IDD LAC.

This talk complements the OETIC analysis of the digital proposals issued by the current president during his campaign, to contrast it with the current situation of the digitization processes in the country, the prospects for this government period 2022-2026, and make a reference to public policy proposals in the medium and long term that can generate a framework for inclusive growth and respect for the rights of citizens on the Internet.

Maryleana Méndez, , is a professional with an outstanding career in the area of Telecommunications and Information Technologies, currently Secretary General of the Inter-American Association of Telecommunications Companies,  ASIET.
Allan Ruiz, is former president of COMTELCA, and current Senior Advisor at Access Partnership

Daniel Rodríguez Maffioli, Diretor of PRIDAT, Fundación Privacidad y Datos, The Privacy and Data Foundation, a non-profit organization with the mission of protecting Costa Ricans personal data.

The #IDDTalk video is available here: