#IDDtalks: what stimulates (or not) regional investments in telecommunications: Rules, institutions or both?

This new edition of #CharlasIDD, includes two guests: Juan Jung and Ángel Melguizo, authors of the Academic Paper “Rules, institutions, or both? Explaining telecommunication investment in Latin America”. Is an analysis of the impact of regulation and institutions on investment in telecommunications in Latin America.

This video is available in Spanish

Wednesday 30th June 2021. The Institute of Digital Development for Latin America and the Caribbean presents a new chapter in a series of talks that address regional digital issues.

On this occasion, it opens the field to host two luxury guests: Juan Jung and Angel Melguizo, both PhD in Economics, that present their most recent academic paper: “Rules, institutions, or both? Explaining telecommunication investment in Latin America”.


As the authors say, the paper is the result of the curiosity of its authors and the need to study how certain variables affected investment for connectivity infrastructure in the region”. The research work tries to be, “a contribution to positively influence, as far as possible, a more dynamic and more inclusive regional economic recovery”.


IDDLAC directors Andrés Piazza and Andrés Sastre, also participate in this conversation, making comments, providing observations and asking questions that trigger reflections on issues related to those addressed at the Paper, for example, on how to avoid regulatory decisions that may undermine its functioning and the evolution of the digital ecosystem in the region, among others.


The #IDDtalk video is available in spanish, here