#IDDTalks”The Chilean Constitutional Process and its digital commitment”

A new edition of #IDDTalks has been published. On this occasion, Rodrigo Ramírez Pino, President of IDICAM and former Chilean Undersecretary of Telecommunications, sat at the table to chat with Andrés Piazza and Andrés Sastre (IDD LAC) and presented his vision regarding the recently begun Chilean constitutional debate and its digital commitment.

This video is available in Spanish

Thursday 4th November 2021.This new #IDDTalks Edition was set out to analyze how digital issues are included in the constitutional debate and what future prospects Chile must face in order to resolve its gaps and achieve a more inclusive digitization.


The opening of the constituent process in Chile began the 15th November, 2019 with the Agreement for Peace and the New Constitution. On the 25th October, 2020, it was decided to initiate a constituent process through a plebiscite, to draft a new Constitution. The Constitutional Convention began to run its sessions on the 4th July, 2021, with the aim of drafting a new project that must be afterwards ratified by the public.


During this talk we learned first-hand how are raised the discussions on issues regarding the digital ecosystem  in the new Magna Carta project, what axes are being debated and the outlook for a digital future in Chile, that is inclusive and that promotes development, analyzing how the new institutional framework should be and how to achieve the so-awaited close of digital gaps, making digitization a tool for integration.


The conversation was recorded, and it is available (in Spanish) below: