Report: Analysis of Nicaraguan Digital Development in the Context of the Presidential Elections.

In addition to the digital context report, which is available in the Projects section of the website, the Institute of Digital Development for Latin America and the Caribbean, published a video based on that document, and includes the analysis by Andrés Piazza and Andrés Sastre (IDD LAC Directors).

This video is available in Spanish

Friday 5th November 2021. During 2021,  IDD LAC has been covering all the electoral processes that took place in the Latin American and Caribbean region. Those reports included a research that included the context and  the proposals regarding digital development of the different candidates, and also, a prospective analysis. Nicaragua is not the exception, although in the current context, in which the main presidential candidates competing with the FSLN have been neutralized, since they have been annulled, and makes it impossible to assess the electoral scenario. However, they continued with the work that had been done and this analysis focused on describing the current digital context of the country and envisioning the needs for next period.


The conversation was recorded, and it is available (in Spanish) below: