The electoral process of the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, inspires a new IDDLAC report in written and audiovisual format

In line with its interest in creating valuable content, IDD LAC is closely following electoral processes in the region. It has produced reports about the context and the proposals made during the campaign by the different candidates. As was done with Ecuador and Peru, now it is the turn of the Caribbean country St. Lucia since, after publishing the written report, the directors of IDD LAC, Andrés Piazza, and Andrés Sastre, made a video, talking about its content.


This video is available in Spanish

Thursday 5th August 2021. A new document produced by the Institute for Digital Development of Latin America and the Caribbean was the fuel that fueled a new Electoral Analysis talk video, in this case, of St. Lucia, the small island of 182,790 inhabitants, located in the Caribbean.


The document was created because last July 26, 2021, the country proceeded to hold its general elections; as a result, Labourist Philip Pierre took over as Prime Minister, as his party, the SLP, won the most seats in the lower chamber (13 out of 17).



The written report, that describes the context, exposes the country’s infrastructure and connectivity data, the results of this past elections, and also, the Digital development proposals made by the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), is available here (in Spanish) 


We invite you to watch the video (available in Spanish) here: